S-4 Andarine

  • S-4 Andarine

    S-4 Andarine

    One of the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) that has been capturing the attention of both the media and the public,S-4 Andarine is a research chemical that immediately binds to the androgen receptor, functioning like an ordinary androgen but with a major difference. Find out more as we discuss it further below.

    S-4 Andarine: The Research Chemical

    The anabolic activity of this RC is directed by SARMs. Itís an oral product, which can help in creating leaner body mass, according to initial findings of research chemists. They also noted that it has potentials when it comes to improving the amount of muscle mass for bodybuilders, in particular. But unlike the common steroids they use, this RC does not cause any anabolic activity in the bodyís non-skeletal muscle tissues.
    Briefly, S-4 Andarine was meant for the treatment of various conditions, including benign prostatic hypertrophy, osteoporosis and muscle wasting using bicalutamide, a non-steroidal androgen antagonist, which functions as the main compound.

    S-4 Andarine: The Process

    SARMS are known to act and bind to the androgen receptors of the brain and to demonstrate anabolic and bone activity. In the case of this RC, it is an orally active partial agonist for the androgen receptors, leading to effects, including increasing and building lean muscle mass, something that youíll appreciate if youíre a bodybuilder or an athlete who wants to achieve such results.
    With the binding and activating property of S-4 Andarine to the androgen receptors, it directly changes the expression of the genes while at the same time increasing the protein synthesis process that leads to muscle mass.
    Without even saying, this SARM can lead to muscle growth, just like how typical steroids you may be using do. One major difference is that steroids can act to the secondary sexual organs and the prostate gland, but S-4 does not. It is one thing notable of using this RC in muscle building. Thus, it helps in building muscle mass, but it does not cause gynecomastia or the enlargement of breasts for males.

    S-4 Andarine: The Uses

    SARMs are promising new discoveries in the muscle building world. Unlike steroids, however, it does not cause any adverse effects to parts of the body that it should not alter. In fact, this research chemical, just like other peptides can offer a wide range of benefits for the body.
    TREATMENT OPTION FOR DISEASES: Right now, they make up potent treatment option for different types of body conditions, including muscle-wasting diseases related to AIDS, aging and cancer. Apart from being seen as an option for treatment for the conditions stated above, it is also said that SARMs like it can also aid in lean muscle building for individuals, who include fitness seekers, athletes and bodybuilders.
    LEAN MUSCLE BUILDING: Just as mentioned, it helps build muscle but that is without causing any adverse effects, such as stressing the liver, drying out joints and increasing water weight. In short, using it for bodybuilding purposes do not cause severe suppression, as compared to typical steroids on the market. Andarine is also noted to be a good alternative to prevent muscle wasting for those who have chosen to use it between their steroid cycles that keep muscle mass gains.
    CUTTING: When losing body fat during calorie cutting, bodybuilders, athletes and the like experience muscle loss. This issue can now be resolved by using Andarine, which acts not only in muscle building but also in leaning out the body. In fact, it may also help in speeding up fat loss, but thatís without muscle loss.
    Because S-4 has a great binding affinity to the androgen receptors, it can help in burning fat as well as in decreasing the level of lipoprotein lipase that leads to lipid accumulation.
    When used in a hypocaloric environment, S-4 is a big help because it aids in maintaining muscle mass during this stage when concurrent fat reduction is aimed at. Otherwise, you will experience a drop in your hormone levels, including testosterone, T3 and IGF when you cut caloric intake because they all lead to the loss of muscle tissue.
    Whatís even more interesting is thatS-4 Andarine does not only aid in muscle mass maintenance but also in its growth during cutting. On that note, you can gain muscle but without losing mass or absorbing excessive water in the tissues.
    Another interesting discovery is that it does not also result to painful pumps linked with popular prohormones and steroids. As you may already know, cutting may be disadvantageous and detrimental at the same time for the calf and back pumps because it limits your ability in performing cardio.
    RECOMPING: If you are looking for both muscle gains and fat loss, then this research chemical may be for you because it helps you achieve those at the same time without water retention and loss of muscle mass. With it, time to recomp wonít be long, preventing liver stress that you may get if youíd go for slow acting injectables that take a lot of time to give you recomping effects.
    There are no known side effects to using it for any or all of these purposes, as studies are on the way up to this point in time.
    Concluding, S-4 Andarine is:
    ∑ Ideal for muscle building
    ∑ Great for recomping
    ∑ A potential treatment option for muscle wasting linked with age, AIDS and cancer
    ∑ Does not harm the liver or causes suppression
    ∑ Perfect for fat loss

    There you have a comprehensive guide that you may want to refer to when looking for information about this research chemical as an alternative for steroids and other prohormones on the market. Definitely, this proves to be a decent and effective choice for you.
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