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Thread: sarm cycle question

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    sarm cycle question

    So im planning on starting my first sarm cycle.
    Osta,s4,and gw 10 mg ED for 4 weeks. (may extend to 8). Single doses in morning.
    It was recommended i pick up Aromasin and take 12-25mg EOD during my cycle. For pct i was thinking nolva 20mg ED for 4 weeks.

    Am i on the right track, is there any tips you could give me? Thanks

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    Is it sarm only cycle? I am not an expert in sarms, but i think they don't aromatize, so aromasin may not be necessary, could be wrong thought.
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    Yes it is a sarm only cycle. Trying to play it safe and prevent gyno and low T levels so any input is appreciated. I will do some more research on the aromatization.

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