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Thread: collecting information about human growth hormone

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    collecting information about human growth hormone

    Hi everybody, i am doing my research on human growth hormone, so far my knowledge on this topic is poor to say the least.
    If you think you know or have personal experience, please share.

    what are benefits of growth hormone use?

    is there any negative side effects of growth hormone use?

    if you use growth hormone, how much ? exact figures if possible IU day/week/month

    do you take hgh for sports? If so which sport and why?

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    Are we talking about synthetic hgh or peptides? Do you want to increase endogenous growth hormone output with peptides or just use synthetic version?

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    i have used growth hormone couple times, i can tell you about benefits and side effects. To be clear i am talking about synthetic HGH

    I was running heavy anabolic steroid cycle with insulin and hgh, gained some serious weight. I was doing 3iu gh twice a day 5 times a week.

    Last time i was doing 4iu before and after training. I wish i could do more if i could afford, since i can't afford as much growth hormone as i would like to from now i will only use it between my steroid cycles to maintain gains.

    Anyway benefits i see myself from a dose of around 20iu week:

    1 - leaner and more vascular (especially around abdominal area)

    2 - skin seems tighter and looks better

    3 - overall feeling of well being

    4- i feel cuts and bruises heal quicker

    5 - my hair is definitely growing faster, i know this because i am shaving almost daily so this might be benefit for some, but not for me.

    negative side effects :

    1 - i notice some water retention in fingers
    2- sometimes i get cold sweats and disruptive sleep, but this is only occasionally

    this is only my personal experience and i can not comment on other people positives or negatives

    on the end note i think it's great drug, i don't plan to stop using it ever

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