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Thread: Less tanned on face??

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    Less tanned on face??

    Hi I am a skin type 1 and have been using mt2 for around a year now. I have tried lots of different dosages but at the moment I am taking 1 mg 5 times a week with 10 minute sunbed sessions then having 2 weeks off then repeating. I used to take 3 times a week every week but found I needed time off due to nausea and fatigue. However what I've found with tanning is that my body is always a nice tan but my face is noticeably paler does anyone else have this problem? Have any tips to darken the facial skin? Am I doing something wrong?
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    Hi, do you put anything on face before your sunbed session? If so then don't. If not then check if you solarium does not have different lamps for face tanning, they are usually weaker to save your facial skin from burning and ageing.

    You take 5mg a week with only 1 sunbed session? That's a bit of waste of melanotan. If you are going to sunbed once a week i would suggest shooting day before, and twice on the day, before and after tanning session. That should be very effective.
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    Hey semim, what you source of melanotan 2? I've tried some bum company's recently all fake! Can you help me out?

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