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Thread: growth hormone for 21 year old

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    growth hormone for 21 year old

    I have a friend who is only 21 years old. He has done a testosterone+dbol cycle already and now wants to try HGH. His plan is to use 5iu's per day for 5 months. I told him that he won't gain a lot from the cycle like that because his natural growth hormone output is still pretty huge and he would need a much bigger dose to get any effects. Is it true or is 5iu's/day enough for a 21-year-old guy?
    The best would be to not use at all until at least 30 years old, but if he is going to use it anyway then he could do it correctly as well right?
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    I don't think that your friend is ready for HGH at all. Peptides might be an option for him but still, I feel that he is too young.

    If he really wants to increase his growth hormone levels then tell him to look at Mod GRF(1-29) + some kind of GHRP (GHRP-2 is the strongest one, and probably the best option for him).

    But I don't think that even growth hormone releasing peptides will do a lot for him because his natural growth hormone output is probably very high at his 21. He would benefit much more from eating healthy, clean foods, sleep a lot and train. Then he could do a few cycles of steroids and maybe add peptides.
    HGH is not necessary.

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