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Thread: best peptide for healing injuries

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    best peptide for healing injuries

    Which one is the best peptide for healing injuries? Some time ago I dislocated my shoulder and also tore a part of the cartilage. The doctor told me that it's impossible to restore damaged cartilage once you are older than 18. I've heard that it's possible however with the use of peptides.
    So my questions are - does growth hormone really help heal and restore damaged body parts? If yes then which one is better - synthetic growth hormone or it's also possible to heal with peptides? Also, I see that there are different types of growth hormone... 191a, 192a which is better? Another thing I want to ask is how long it would take to improve my situation?

    I appreciate any help.
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    You should probably start with GHRP/Mod GRF1-29, I've found that they are better for the healing than HGH. Then you can add tb-500 and maybe BPC157. I've heard that IGF-1LR3 is also excellent for healing, however, I haven't used it by myself. But you shouldn't use IGF-1LR3 while using growth hormone or growth hormone releasing peptides. Because they both increase your IGF-1 levels.
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    I remember reading a log where someone used the combination of GHRP/GHRH because he had a similarly torn cartilage problem in his shoulder. If I remember correctly he was injecting it around the injured area. His results were pretty amazing even thought doctors told him basically the exact same thing.
    Get some GHRP/GHRH, even if this doesn't help you, they are not very expensive and you have nothing to lose as they provide much more benefits then only healing and cartilage regeneration.
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    I have used TB-500 and BPC157 for spinal stenosis and after a few weeks I noticed a big difference in my range of motion and had much less pain. Hope this helps.

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