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Thread: Ostarine shelf life

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    Ostarine shelf life

    Almost a year ago I bought a bottle of Ostarine and it is still laying in my cupboard at room temperature. I am thinking of using it after a month or two but would like to know first if it's okay? It is in liquid form. Would it still be fine or I should throw it out? There is no expiration date on the bottle but it is in my possession for a year. What is a shelf life of SARM's?
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    If it was stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight then it should be good for longer than one year, I assume 2-3 years. I would still use it but it's up to you.
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    SARM's just like other drugs don't really go bad, they simply get less effective with time. If I were you I'd definitely use it. I am not sure on the exact half life though but I think that it's just as potent as it was if it was stored out of direct sunlight. If SARM's are stored in a cool, dark place then I believe that they will be good for a very long time.

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