What is the whatís what about BCP 157?

What is the whatís what about BCP 157?

by , 10th May 2016 at 04:55 AM (4013 Views)
BCP 157 is a miracle drug when it comes to sports injuries. It has been proven that this drug:

  • heals muscle tears
  • aids in healing torn Achilles tendons
  • promotes tendon and tendon to bone healing
  • decreases pain caused by muscle injuries

And those are just the benefits this regenerative medicine provides for sport injuries. It also:

  • heals stomach ulcers in those that have used NSAID pain relievers
  • increases the rate at which burns heal
  • aids in liver regeneration when degeneration is caused by alcohol abuse (a new hangover cure perhaps?)

The only trouble is that it has not been clinically tested on humans. There have been debates about the reason for this. Some say it is because the drug industry is aimed at treating ailments, rather than actually curling them. Therefore, the fact that BCP 157 actually heals muscle and, more specifically, tendon injuries is actually its own Achilles heel. If this drug is put on the market surgeons could potentially lose thousands surgeries, surgeries that are aimed at treating the problem instead of healing it. Then there is also the negative economic effect this drug could have on the NSAID pain reliever industryÖ There are probably a million reasons this drug is not being tested on humans, but negative side effects are definitely not one of them.
In fact, there are little to no side effects for this drug. It is actually derived from human gastric juice, so, personally, I donít see any medical or ethical reason for human studies to be delayed any further. But alas, the commercial world has a different view. That is why I took it upon myself to do a bit of research into what people have been saying about their own experiences of using this drug. And you know what? Itís been doing great. There have been no reported side effects other than ďfeeling awesomeĒ. Hereís the catch though, according to some it may cause cancer and all the reports were only done whilst using the drug. Another concern seemed to be injecting the drug into the wounded area itself, especially around the knee area. On the positive side the effects were tremendous as users reported no pain and one even mentioned that he felt better than he had in years.

A chart showing first time users where to inject BCP for knee injuries.
Upon further investigation I found an article about a test done on in vitro human melanoma cells. The study was testing whether they would inhibit cell growth, but unfortunately I was unable to find any conclusion to the article. And so the tick plottens around this seemingly elusive drug. There was also more talk around human trials, but the only clear reference I could find is that the Chinese Army used it at some stage. Thatís all. It seems someone is really trying to cover this one up. I have no idea who, and Iím not one for conspiracy theories, but BCP 157 really is an elusive character on the interwebs.
If you are looking into using this drug I would suggest going ahead and doing so, but remember to use everything in moderation and that there may be a significant difference in your body before, during and even AFTER using BCP 157. For more information on exactly what BCP 157 is all about you can check out the peptide profile.
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