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    Important Information about HCG for Steroid Users

    If youíre a bodybuilder who is using or has used steroids, and youíre looking for a reliable way to restore testicular health and function, you may be in the market for a hormone which allows you to boost testosterone levels within your testes.
    Many people who utilize anabolic steroids turn to HCG injections, 'HCG' which is short for Human Chorionic Gonadtropin.
    This formula does help many men to restore or enhance testicular function and itís sold in a glycoprotein powder format, which is then diluted with H20 and injected. This formula works in the body much as the hormone, LH (luteinizing hormone), does, by sparking stimulation of the testicles, which in turn boosts testosterone levels.
    The hormone works even though natural LH may be lacking (or non-existent) within the human body. Steroid-using men typically rely on HCG in order to ensure that they continue to produce testosterone while they are taking steroids. Without HCG, testosterone levels may plummet and certain problems may crop up, including, but not limited to, testicular atrophy.

    As well, this formula is utilized between cycles with steroids or when treatment with steroids ceases (in order to assist with recovery from steroids). How well HCG works will depend on how much testosterone the testes produce due to enhanced stimulation.
    Sometimes, HCG resolves poor testosterone production within the testes and sometimes it doesnít. Every person is different and results will varyÖ
    Other people may take this formula in order to spark rapid and sustainable weight loss. The injections will usually be accompanied by adherence to a strict ďHCG DietĒ. This type of diet requires intake of lower amounts of calories than is average. The diet has distinct phases, some of which feature daily calorie counts as low as five hundred.

    How Does HCG Hormone Work?

    This formula is a hormone and it was created in order to help women ovulate. Itís a fertility drug and its usage in the steroid/bodybuilding niche is due to its ability to boost testosterone production in men. In women, the formulaís active ingredients may dramatically improve the odds of ovulation. In men, it may boost sperm count.
    Sometimes, younger boys are given HCG when their testicles havenít developed properly due to pituitary gland issues.
    As you can see, the hormone has multiple applications across both genders.

    How to Use HCG?

    Typically, adding HCG injections to a hormone replacement therapy treatment plan will be better than depending solely on testosterone for the purpose of maintaining the production of sperm and healthy testicle size. Testosterone offer benefits, but also has drawbacks, as it may trigger infertility issues and lower levels of fertility.
    HCG must be utilized in just the right way in order to maximize its benefits. Experts recommend that it not be utilized as a facet of post-cycle therapy (although many steroid users donít take this advice). Experts feel that it should be utilized precisely during cycles, with a mind to avoiding the hindering of post-steroid recovery.
    In the view of most HCG experts, itís better to utilize HCG while doing a cycle, in order to ensure that the testes are able to remain responsive to luteinizing hormone once production of LH recommences.
    As well, this strategy will help to keep testicle size within normal ranges and provide extra testosterone, as HCG stimulates the production of testosterone.
    Those are using HCG in order to lose weight will need to stay on ďHCGĒ diets in order to maximize calorie burning. These diets require low-calorie phases. Those who follow HCG diets should avoid excessive exercise, follow meal plans to the letter and take recommended dosages of HCG. As well, they should take care to stay hydrated during their therapy with HCG, in order to reduce the risk of adverse side effects.

    How to Inject HCG?

    This hormone is injected under the epidermis (the uppermost layer of skin) or into the muscles. Those who wish to inject this hormone at home will need training in order to do it safely and correctly. In general, doctors, nurses and pharmacists are the ones who help human chorionic gonadotropin users to master the process of safe and beneficial injection.
    If youíre not sure how to inject yourself properly, wait and get help. You need to understand how to do this properly and you will also need to learn how to dispose of needles and syringes responsibly.

    Is This Hormone Safe?

    HCG hormone is like any other hormone or prescription medication, in that it may cause side effects in some users. The most serious issue for men to watch for while injecting HCG is a blood clot. This is why we want to share the main symptoms of blood clots today! These symptoms include pain, feelings of warmth, ruddiness, numb sensations and tingling sensations in arms or legs.
    As well, if you suffer from feelings of confusion, dizzy spells or serious headaches, a blood clot may be to blame. Never wait to get medical attention if any of these symptoms crop up. Instead, discontinue usage of HCG and then phone your doctor immediately.
    While most people use HCG safely, it does cause blood clots in some people and itís important to be aware of the symptoms. Itís about protecting your health!
    In terms of side effects in women, this hormone may trigger Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome. OHSS may be fatal, so itís a serious complication that women need to be aware of. Contact a physician immediately if youíre a woman who is experiencing the symptoms of OHSS, which include intense discomfort in the pelvic region, swollen hands and legs, tummy pain and distention, trouble breathing, gastrointestinal distress or weight gain. Some women with this disorder urinate less frequently.
    Women who take HCG are also at risk for multiple births.
    This is a prescription-strength formula, so youíll need to talk to your doctor if youíre interested in injecting it. A doctor will review your medical history, listen to your reasons for wanting HCG and then decide whether or not itís safe for you. A doctor may also talk to you about steroids and what their risks are.

    Where to get HCG?

    On the market this hormone is sold under brand names INovarel, Ovidrel, Pregnyl, if you want to take human chorionic gonadotropin, talk to your doctor. Tell him or her why you want it and then ask for a prescription. While it is possible to find this hormone online, without a prescription, it is always smarter to access medical advice and to receive a formal prescription for the ďreal thingĒ.
    You need to be very careful about what you put into your body. If you are planning to buy HCG online, without a prescription, do tons of research in order to establish the reputability of a supplier. This means checking product reviews and looking for information about the manufacturer of the HCG formula. Once youíve taken care of homework and research, youíll be one step closer to finding an authentic formula which helps you to remain healthy while you use steroids.
    Using steroids is always a risk. Know the pros and cons, including the benefits and drawbacks of HCG, before you take the plunge. Education is your best defense against a bad experience. If you have more questions, talk to your doctor today Ė our guide isnít designed to be a substitute for proper medical advice.

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