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    What You Need to Know about IGF-1 LR3 / DES
    If you want big muscle gains, youíll find that learning about the injectable peptide known as IGF-1 LR3/DES is well worth your time. This peptide is fortified with a growth factor, IGF, which has insulin-like properties. IGF features eighty-three amino acids and itís very anabolic in terms of its chemical structure.
    Designed to boost growth, this potent peptide comes in a convenient, freeze-dried formula. To help you learn about IGF-1 LR3/DES, which is a popular choice with bodybuilders who are looking for impressive muscle mass without the wait, weíve created a comprehensive guideline.
    First off, you should know that most users gain one to two pounds of lean muscle during therapy with this injectable peptideÖ

    Benefits of IGF-1 LR3/DES

    Natural IGF production decreases as we age and this means that lower levels of this hormone trigger the process known as cell reduction. Cell reduction is the opposite of growth Ė it signals slowdown and this is why people fight the aging process with IGF-1 LR3/DES.
    Those who utilize this peptide in either format (LR3 or DES) are doing so in order to boost IGF levels with a mind to optimizing growth. The hormone, IGF-1, is manufactured within the liver organ. Natural production of this hormone rises when a growth hormone is also present.
    A lot of cells within the human body are equipped with receptors that do accept IGF-1. For this reason, itís an excellent choice in terms of being a peptide which is able to ďfindĒ tissue which will spark communication between cells. This communication is growth.
    When you choose this peptide, youíll be able to lose fat deposits, as the formula will assist your body with regulating the usage of fats for energy. As well, youíll find that this peptide is an anti-aging treatment, since it spurs enhanced cell production. Aging slows down cell regeneration and this peptide restores youthful cell production.
    As well, you may access long-term health benefits from treatment with IGF-1, as lower levels of this important hormone tend to raise health risks for heart problems. By boosting your IGF-1 levels, you may just protect your heart from damage or failure. In addition, you may access better lower brain cell regeneration and function. It will slow down muscle tissue degeneration and it will also assist with the synthesis of proteins.
    As you can see, IGF-1 is rather powerful. It assists the body with growth in many different ways and, by doing so, keeps the body in a more youthful state. This is why this peptide is such a popular choice with weightlifters and athletes.
    The primary benefit of choosing this peptide is its ability to trigger hyperplasia (splitting of cells) within the cells of the muscles. This splitting of cells creates a fuller muscle look which is very pleasing to the eye. More cells equal the appearance of more mass.
    If youíre interested in building the perfect body, youíll find that adding this peptide to your regimen will help you to build the muscle that you want.
    Fuller muscles are symbols of sheer strength and power and they are also important aspects of aesthetics (particularly for bodybuilders!). Without the right degree of muscle fullness, you may never access the proportional and inspiring figure or physique that you want!
    This peptide has the ability to change your body so that itís able to create better muscle density over the long term! This happens due to hyperplasia and it gives users the power to become more muscular, just by following an injection regimen and continuing with their usual training routines.
    Those who use steroids may benefit from treatment with the IGF-1 peptide, as its ability to spark hyperplasia assists the body with pushing through hypertrophy. IGF-1 and steroids will work together in order to grow bigger muscles. This is why this peptide is often stacked with steroids.

    Which Form is Right for You?

    The LR3 form features a half-life of twenty to thirty hours and itís more powerful than the typical IGF-1 peptide. LR3 will act in the body for a full day, more or less, and bind to receptors within cells, thereby spurring growth and inspiring weight loss. LR3 stops blood sugar from entering cells and this means that the body will need to burn fat, rather than glucose.
    The DES form is a short version of an IGF chain. Its potent compared to LR3 and may offer ten times the power when compared to basic IGF-1. DES has a half-life of about half an hour, which is due to the delicacy of this chain. So, it should be injected into the area that you want to grow!

    DES is the best choice for long-term injections. LR3 is better for short cycles.

    Does This Peptide Cause Side Effects?

    In bigger doses, this peptide may trigger hypoglycemia. In addition, it may boost tumor size in those who have cancer. The peptide doesnít cause cancer to develop. Other symptoms which may occur during therapy with this peptide include headaches and bruising from improper injections.
    Make sure you know how to self-inject before you start using this formula and always follow instructions which come with your supply of this peptide. Never take more than directed and cease injections if side effects occur. Then, seek out medical attention right away. Some people manage headaches with aspirin. Others have no side effects at all.

    How to Find IGF-1 Peptides

    A lot of online suppliers offer authentic IGF-1 peptides. Look into the reputation of an online supplier before you place an order. Since youíll be injecting this into your body, product purity is an absolute must. Choosing a trusted supplier will help you to access a pure product which is authentic. Look for product reviews and reviews of suppliers before making a final decision about where to buy this potent growth peptide. Once youíve found a great retailer, youíll be able to shop with confidence.
    Lots of message boards feature information about how real-life steroid users and non-steroid users dose with IGF-1 peptides. These may be valuable resources. However, we do recommend following package directions when it comes to dosing.

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