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    Synthetic Love

    In terms of popularity, there is no doubt that peptides are making their way to the top, especially in the bodybuilding world, mainly due to their muscle building, healing and recovery properties. One peptide that has been gaining a lot of exposure lately is PT-141, which has captured the attention of both the media and the public, resulting from studies investigating of its potentials on treating reperfusion injuries and shock from hemorrhages as well as in sexual dysfunction and low libido. [Interesting, isnít it?]
    Maybe you are asking, ďWhat really are the potent benefits that users get from it?Ē This may be your major question while in the middle of researching and deciding whether or not to go for PT-141, and youíre exactly at the right place to find substantial data about it. Letís begin.

    What Is PT-141?

    Used as an erectile dysfunction solution, it is used by men who want to bring back the fire into their sex life in terms of achieving rock-hard erections that do not only satisfy them but their partners as well. In the process, they never have to take any other medications or choose hormone replacement therapy again with it at their side.
    The study that has proven its effects in terms of sexual dysfunction was performed on lab rats, wherein the male rats with erectile dysfunction were given this peptide and exhibited improvements in terms of sexual performance as compared to the controlled group, which was not given the research chemical.
    Aside from male rats that benefitted from PT-141, female rats, which have shown an increased sexual performance after therapy with the peptide, also did.
    For humans, it is seen with potential benefits, too. Women who experience low libido due to aging that leads to hormonal imbalance can benefit from it that may give them hope for bringing back their sexual desire.

    How PT-141 Works

    It is believed that it can improve both male and female sexual problems by increasing their sexual performance and desire in lovemaking. This happens because it is discovered to stimulate mPOA terminals in the brain of rats.
    This action led the research chemists into identifying it as a potent stimulator of that brainís part, which can activate the dopamine hormones that happens to play a major role in sexual motivation.
    What is dopamine? Known as a compound in the body, it functions as a neurotransmitter that stimulates performance. What happens with low levels of dopamine in the brain is that there will be low libido, which causes can be traced in the brain.
    So by comparing those with low dopamine levels versus those with a healthy level, the latter is better in terms of getting into arousal and having desire, as facilitated by their brainís neurotransmitters. Without even saying, people can treat low libido by addressing neurotransmitter issues and such include low levels of dopamine, serotonin and testosterone.
    With PT-141, you can address the problem on sexual dysfunction, whether youíre a man or a woman suffering from it, but thatís if you are going to consider using it for yourself.
    Based on reviews, users find the peptide beneficial, resulting to high demands for it on the market. And apart from being a reliable treatment for lack of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction, it is also very affordable. In this case, even those on a budget can now afford treatment that can help them get rid of low libido. In fact, this very helpful peptide is for sale at low prices averaging $30, but it may vary from seller to seller.
    Right now, couples use it together so that they can gauge its effects on their sex lives. Many of them are trying to figure out if it could increase their level of desire for each other and if it could improve their sex performance.
    Today, raving reviews advocated by users themselves are online and almost all of them are in favor of this peptide. However, you may also want to take note that effects may vary from person to person, affected by factors, including bodily reactions.
    Aside from higher libido and longer lasting erections, users are enjoying a more youthful energy that they never did before. Theyíre saying that this peptide has helped them achieve more energy, as if they were in their 20s.
    In this case, not one of the thousands of users is planning to switch back to conventional sex-enhancing medications or treatments like Viagra or Cialis (for erectile dysfunction), which are only for men.
    They donít only appreciate how it can help them improve their sexual function, but they also love the high energy level that it gives them, helping them live a fuller life.
    Overall, the general public consensus, when talking about PT-141, is highly positive. So if youíre interested improving your sex life and experience higher libido or harder and stronger erections that last long, then it may be time that you consider it for yourself.

    Does It Have Side Effects?

    There are no conclusive studies on it and many of them are in progress. This peptide isnít also approved yet by the FDA. Right now, it is only available as a research chemical, which is for sale online. In this case, there are no noted significant side effects at the moment because many reviews are based on anecdotal reports of users themselves.
    Many of these reviews can be found on discussion boards online. But while there are tons of user reviews online, none of these displayed or noted any negative feedbacks about the peptide.

    How Is PT-141 Used?

    Itís commonly injected, but some users opt for nasal atomizers, too. No matter which route you choose, however, you have to read and understand instructions on the label for the best results and for your safety, of course.
    There are also PT-141 products available in powder form, which you will have to reconstitute in bacteriostatic water. Nevertheless, practice proper self-injection and disposal methods. If youíre new to it, ask the help of a doctor or a nurse on the proper way to self-inject.
    You probably know by now the most essential data about it when deciding if itís for you or not. Summing up, it is a promising peptide made to deliver you the results youíre looking for enhancing your sexual desire (women) or giving you longer-lasting and harder erections (men).
    Bring back the fire into your intimate relationship, feel more alive and experience youthfulness like never before.
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    Bremelanotide is a cyclic peptide that activates melanocortin receptors in the central nervous system. So called 'synthetic sex'

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    1. Bremelanotide is a cyclic peptide that activates melanocortin receptors in the central nervous system. So called 'synthetic sex'

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