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    Is RAD-140 the Promising ‘Steroid-Like’ Ally of Bodybuilders?

    Keeping up the pace of your bodybuilding efforts, you’re always on the lookout for high quality and top performing anabolic steroids and prohormones. However, you’re very much aware about their drastic actions against other androgen receptors of the body, including those found in the bones and in the sexual organs, like the prostate. In this case, you should be looking for an alternative like the Rad-140, which will be discussed further here.

    Rad-140: The Research Chemical

    It is one of the most potent selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), a group of peptides that work for increasing anabolic activities for lean muscle building, except those side effects mentioned earlier.
    When it comes to bodybuilding, Rad-140 is one of the most sought after, mainly because of its binding properties to the androgen receptors in the muscle. It does not bind to the ARs in bones and other body parts where androgen receptors are found, mainly due to its selective activities that only target specific ARs, as compared to steroids and prohormones that also alter the gene expression of the bones and sexual organs.

    Rad-140: The Process

    As a SARM, it’s one of the most promising new discoveries around because it promotes lean muscle mass without water retention, as commonly experienced with other steroids on the market. So without experiencing the adverse effects of loading up on steroids and prohormones, bodybuilders and athletes alike will achieve their muscle building goals without muscle loss, for instance.
    How does it work? The research chemical proves immense potential in terms of making the hormonal receptors of your body tissues to work in the same manner as if they were given shots of testosterone, except the unwanted side effects from cycling with anabolic steroids and prohormones.

    Rad-140: The Benefits and Uses

    While seemingly a new compound around, it does not fall short of applications and uses for bodybuilders and athletes, among other individuals looking to bulk up through diet, exercise and supplementation. Check out the following for a few of its known but significant uses.

    INCREASED WORKOUT/SPORTS PERFORMANCE: Part of a bodybuilder’s goal is to increase muscle, but you will never get fast results if you don’t increase your workout or sports performance. There is a major difference between a less intense from a highly intense one, and the latter is more preferred than the former. And this is where Rad-140 may help—increasing your athletic or workout performance. With it, you will be able to improve your workout or sports performance with more endurance and strength that this peptide is going to supply you with.
    If performance-enhancing drugs can take athletic endurance high, this one takes it higher! Did you know that even professional athletes could also take advantage of this compound when it comes to enhancing their sports endurance level, without experiencing the negative health effects of typical steroids on the market?
    MUSCLE GAIN: You aren’t new to this term, are you? But something you may not know is that a SARM like this research chemical leads you to that ultimate goal of bulking without taking so much time—that is because of its immense effects on anabolic activity in your muscle that leads to faster muscle gains.
    On that note, bodybuilders who want to bridge between their prohormone or steroid cycle may look into this promising SARM in terms of bulking. Here’s the thing: What do you say about being able to dose with testosterone between your current anabolic steroid cycles? How does that sound? [Perfect!]
    With this great RC, you can do it efficiently without experiencing suppression or damaging your liver in the process. Therefore, you can keep that strength level even in between your steroid cycle while at the same time you’re going to bulk up just without the side effects.
    GREATER ANABOLIC EFFECT: Based on logs and initial studies, this research chemical is also the perfect partner of every bodybuilder in terms of getting the most of testosterone effects for anabolic activity. It is also said that it has a more reinforced effect than what testosterone has, while at the same time it can limit the side effects that testosterone-enhancing drugs can have on the prostate, making Rad-140 better than any other steroids and prohormones on the market.
    On that note, men with low testosterone levels due to abuse of steroids and other health issues, can get benefits from this peptide—a major reason this SARM is seen to have great potentials as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy for men.
    Good news is that it can also be used by men who are highly sensitive to gynecomastia. It works the same as testosterone but it does not come with any known estrogenic effects—reason is that it does not turn into estrogen in the body. So if ever you would be needing to bridge a cycle, this research chemical can be of great use for you, as it won’t enlarge breasts (man boobs or ‘moobs’) or water retention.
    Up to the time of this writing, there have been no noted reports or logs of negative health effects for using it. This simply means that you can rest assured that you won’t experience side effects due to progesterone, prolactin and estrogen related effects.
    Summing up, Rad-140:
    · Possesses greater anabolic properties than testosterone
    · Aids in muscle gain
    · Is ideal for use in bridging a cycle of steroids
    · Increases muscle mass
    · Improves athletic and workout performance
    Definitely, this one promising new research chemical deserves a second look, especially if you’re one who wants faster results without the side effects.
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