What does “SARMs” mean and what is it, you ask? “SARMs” stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. As for androgens, they are aspecial type of hormones that perform as ligands, molecules linked to each other, which binds itself to androgen receptors (AR). The involvement of the AR in a signal transduction is responsible for the bigger expression of genes. Prohormones and steroids also have this involvement with the AR which gives them their muscle growth properties. SARMs are different from prohormones and steroids despite having the same involvement with the AR. Although it carries similar effects with traditional steroids, it is known to have lower tendencies for side effects.

    SARMs already built its reputation based on its capacity to stimulate more muscle growth compared to other muscle growth stimulators and hormonere placement therapies. Around the world, pharmaceutical companies are studying the nature of SARMs and possibly how many could be released in the market. Currently, they are mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders. This is also why they are being recognized as a substitute to steroids which is quite known for its drastic side effects when it comes to prolonged use. When it was first introduced,this muscle growth stimulator caused a lot of stir in the scientific and pharmaceutical community. It was considered to be a breakthrough.

    Steriod or Not?
    Many people mistake SARMs (in the market) for steroids because of its effects to the body but it is not. It is not steroidal in nature. It has the option to be taken orally with no injections needed which already brings out a big difference between the two. Of course, it has similar effects to testosterone which enhances the libido, muscle growth, even fat loss and more but it does not have drastic or harsh liver toxicity unlike prohormones and steroids. Its use is also outopen in the market and is very legal.

    According to, anabolic steroids and testosterone replacement therapies have an already known list of health risks that arises from continued use. These risks, which are side effects, include prostate cancer, acne growth, pattern baldness for males, gynecomastia, liver damage, increased blood pressure (higher than normal) and more. The list goes on and on. As for SARMs, it has the effects of anabolic steroids without this long list of health risks. It’s known to be alot safer but of course the side effects are not completely wipedout, they’re just simply reduced.
    SARMs are ofcourse applicable to body builders because of how its benefits arereally for individuals who long for physical strength enhancement.Also, it gives them faster injury recovery while having lean muscle development. Most body builders opt to take this instead of the traditional steroids also because of its legality.

    Side Effects
    True enough, side effects cannot be avoided but the good news is, when we’re talking about this specific type of androgen receptor ligands, we have less to worry about. Of course, side effects usually come about when taking higher dosages than of what is required. So be sure to keep it cool and remember the health risks that come with abusing any type of drug. For individuals who will likely be in touch with aprolonged use of SARMs, side effects will be testicular atrophy(reduced size of the male reproductive organ), gynecomastia(enlargement of breasts of the male), virilization in women(development of male characteristics), baldness and acne. It is important to learn how to control the use of SARMs in order to also control and maximize its beneficial properties without succumbing to possible health risks and side effects.

    Using SARMs
    In terms of usage, we must all be responsible and in control so that we can make the most out of its benefits. We all would definitely want that, right? tackles how it must be utilized as a bridgein between steroid cycles. This should be done so that its effectwill be most effective and efficient. This can also help in keepingthe cycles efficiently without the looming fear of eventually getting off SARMs.

    Clinical Testing
    Three SARMs already undergone clinical testing and one of these three is already widely out in the market. Enobosarm (Ostarine) is known for its effects for the muscle in bone. It was primarily intended to treatosteoporosis and also for muscle problems of the elderly. Enobosarmis one of the known types because of most bodybuilders’ preference.The other two which are also done in clinical testing are called BMS-564,929 and LGD-403. Both are also for muscle treatment as well as treating andropause. Another one already out in the market is Andarine which is primarily developed to treat benign prostatichypertrophy. Andarine also has similar effects to Enobosarm or morecommonly known as Ostarine.

    Still in Development (and in Controversy?)
    SARMs are, of course, still in development. Many potential SARMs are still underpre-clinical testing. It still has a long way to go from where it is now. It already faced a handful of controversies the past year because of violations with the FDA’s Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 as well as issues on intellectual property rights. Most people say that these controversies also caused SARMs togain more popularity in the market. Since it still has a long way togo, many studies and researches are being done to further develop it. More studies regarding SARMs would go a long way in introducing it tothe wider public with a reputation of being beneficial to many.

    An End Note
    SARMs has both benefits and side effects. Its benefits will, of course ,overshadow its side effects when it is properly used. Its benefits go on and on, from strength gain to faster healing properties. The important thing is to remember to also have control in using it. It does not do to just go about it without having a proper plan or strategy on how to use it. For SARMs, we need to remember that anything that involves our health would always require responsibility.
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    Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators is a new generation anabolic steroid alternative.

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