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    Weight loss and muscle mass in a bottleóitís what you might have been looking for all this time when deciding for a selective androgen receptive modulator (SARM). Good news for you as these two main benefits are what you will get when you take SR9009, one of the latest SARM that has been taking the world by storm due to its perceived benefits for athletes and bodybuilders. If you are one in the middle of weighing your options on whether to use it or not, you might find this guide useful.

    SR9009: The Research Chemical

    It is the latest SARM that is said to mimic the effects on exercise and weightlifting on your muscles. Thatís not all, however. It also aids in many bodily functions, including muscle growth and fat burning. Letís discuss it further.
    This compound was discovered by the researchers at The Scripps Research Institute. They claimed that this research chemical is a revelation for its advantages and help for people who struggle in traditional diets and exerciseóin terms of weight loss.
    Scientists had given SR9009 to lab rats, which showed drastic results when it comes to muscle development and metabolism. That must be something to prove this compoundís potentials in the search of humanity for an effective fat loss solution.

    SR9009: The Process

    This research chemical is a potent drug that is said to help you shed massive amounts of pounds, especially if youíre one that does not gain results from long hours of workouts or ineffective diets. Now, you can say goodbye to frustration from all your weight loss efforts that do not work.
    SR9009 works by increasing your metabolic rate by binding to Rev-erbα protein that controls your bodyís glucose metabolism. This protein is also responsible for the production of fat cells and for increasing the activity of the macrophages, which regulate the removal of dead cells in the body.
    Backing up the process on how it works, SR9009 does what it does so well because it has the ability of altering the activity of the skeletal muscle mitochondria, stimulating and activating them at the same time in order to boost your body metabolic rate.
    Unlike others like DNP for example, this compound does not cause any side effects or bring any counterproductive effects to your body. In short, it can improve your endurance level without hurting it in the process, something helpful for athletes or bodybuilders conditioning themselves for sports or for a competition.
    So if you would opt for this research chemical, there is no doubt that you may become one of the happy users who have lost fat, while at the same time built lean muscle. Letís talk about it further in the next section.

    SR9009: Benefits and Uses

    Are you ready to burn massive pounds? If so, you may be interested to know that this is one of the best peptides to give you just that. As said a while ago, this compound increases your bodyís metabolic rate, meaning your body will become more efficient in using burning fat and utilizing it for fuel. Now, you can bid goodbye to intense workouts and diet plans that do not work on stubborn body fat by considering this compound.
    FAT LOSS: The compound works by increasing the metabolic rate of the body. It binds to a protein called Rev-erbα, which in turn is responsible to regulate the glucose metabolism, production of fat storing cells and the activity of macrophages (it controls the rate of removal of dead cells from body).
    You may be asking what it does to help in weight loss aside from speeding up metabolism. And hereís the answer. SR9009 does not work like an appetite suppressant just as many of the weight loss drugs and supplements and pills available on the market do. It does not suppress your appetite in the process of helping you lose pounds, but it increases your muscleís metabolic rate. In that case, you wonít have to disturb the normal balance of your food intake by suppressing your appetite anymore.
    What this product does is speeding up your metabolism by re-synching your poorly performing metabolic clock to make sure that excess fat and food will be used as body fuel.

    MUSCLE BUILDING: Another interesting discovery about it is that its major side effect is building muscle, which looks as if itís product of long hours of exercise or weight lifting session. It also works by helping you become leaner as a result of your hard work in the gymósomething aided by the increase of your energy level due to the fat burning that it also delivers. In this case, you will be able to utilize your body fuel better with exercise, including strength training, bodybuilding or cardio.
    Therefore, you can go mile after mile if youíre a runner or you can increase your workout sessions if youíre a bodybuilder. This time around, fat will not be stored in your body but will be deployed to the cells for energy during exercise. In the process, you can achieve faster muscle bulking results, not mentioning that you also improve your endurance level and muscle strength with this promising research chemical.
    Currently, there are no reported side effects for use of this compound.

    Summing up, SR9009:
    ∑ Works effectively but safely on muscle gain and fat loss
    ∑ Speeds up the bodyís metabolic rate
    ∑ Increases muscle mass
    ∑ Improve endurance levels

    Indeed, this research chemical is one promising compound that can deliver both your fat loss and bulking up goals. Study and weigh your options well by referring to this guide when deciding whether or not to go for it or not.
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